Wordpress Database Error Page and Search Engines

WordPress 2.3.2 is now available and with it comes the new ability to create your own custom database error page.

This is a nice feature in my opinion, as not only does it hide possibly sensitive information about your database it also allows you to create a friendly error message for the less computer savvy among us. A possible example would be a simple message telling the user that something has gone wrong and they should check back later. It’s as easy as creating your custom error page and uploading it to /wp-content/db-error.php

Then I got thinking. What about our old friend Mr Search Engine?

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Woo, new design

The new design is up and it seems IE has some problems that didn’t show up on the test site (sigh), so IE users please bear with me until I can get some time to fix it.

Comments on the new design welcome, as always.

Update: IE7 issues resolved, IE users should shift-refresh to ensure you’re using the latest cached files



Tumbling Asides

I’ve removed some content. There I’ve said it!

After introducing a friend to tumblelogs I had the realisation that this would be the perfect outlet for my mini-posts or “asides”.

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Portal Camera Locations

I’m seriously addicted to Portal at the moment. Seriously addicted.

One of the things I really like about the new games included in the Orange Box pack is the new achievements system, essentially an achievement is a form of challenge within a game such as killing an enemy in a certain way or amassing a required amount of something. The achievements range from quite easy to accomplish to automatically happening at certain points in the game to being downright fiendish.

The achievement I’ve noticed people having difficulty with is the Camera Shy achievement, which amounts to knocking thirty-three cameras off the walls by creating portals behind them. Here’s a complete list of them all with pictures.

Warning: If you haven’t already completed Portal there are spoilers ahead!

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Project Honey Pot and http:BL

After reading this article at Weblog Tools Collection I’ve installed a honey pot on this site and added Jano’s http:BL wordpress plugin to take advantage of http:BL.

The installation of said honeypot was a breeze and if you host your own site I recommend installing your own honeypot. More details are available at Project Honey Pot.




The Sanctuary UK have released their new Half-Life 2 Deathmatch map, dm_roman_sanctuary.

dm_roman_sanctuary 02dm_roman_sanctuary 01dm_roman_sanctuary 04dm_roman_sanctuary 05dm_roman_sanctuary 06

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Wordpress 2.0.6

I’m a little behind with this one, still recovering from too much turkey methinks. Wordpress 2.0.6 has been released and while upgrading I’ve made a few changes and been fiddling with the design (coming soon).

The most important (and visible) one is the banishing of WWW. As always a change like this this may break things and / or bring about the end of humanity as we know it. If you spot anything amiss feel free to let me know.

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Technorati Incoming Links Widget

Current Version: 0.62

This widget will display your blog’s incoming links from Technorati in your sidebar in a similar way to what you see on the Wordpress dashboard. You can see it in action on my sidebar.

To use it you will need the Wordpress widgets plugin with a widgets compatible theme and a Technorati API key.

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Firefox Plugins

A question I often get asked is what Firefox extensions I am using or recommend, so rather than reel off a long list I can now point people to this entry.

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